Let's put that mascara away for some time, shall we?

Recently I met a young lady who came for eyelash lamination. Upon consultation, I gave her eyebrows a fresher look through eyebrow design first and that followed lamination. She loved it! As we were talking, she wanted me to tell her more about eyelash treatment I offer referring to the photos of lash lifting work I put on my ig page. At some point she said “Wait a sec, this is not lash extension then?” I nodded, “yes it absouletly is not! So, here I am to write about lash lifting.  First off, we do not extend your eyelashes by adding more eyelashes. We create a thicker and fuller look through special serums applied to your own eyelashes.   The benefits of eyelash lifting.. · Your eyes look bigger · Makes eyelashes stronger · Curls up your eyelashes · Creates a mascara effect · Saves you time from makeup · Low maintenance No matter how short and straight your eyelashes are, you still get a mascara look that stays up to 6 weeks with you! And that comes without a need for maintenance unlike last extensions!!